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Inspiration From an Experienced PR Practitioner

One of the many great things about studying at the graduate level in The College of Saint Rose Communications Department is the number of quality professionals you have the opportunity to learn from. Just last week, my coursework led me to Paul Fanning, retired Lieutenant Colonel for the New York Army National Guard. I spoke with Paul because he spearheaded…

Pursuing a Career in Art at The College of Saint Rose

This week on All About Saint Rose, we stop by The Center for Art and Design. This Saint Rose facility is full of exceptional studios that help students expand their drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic design, printmaking, and photography skills. The bachelor of fine arts and bachelor of science degrees offered at the center are accredited by the National Association of…

Learning About Anatomy and Physiology at The College of Saint Rose

This week on All About Saint Rose, we check in on students who are learning about anatomy and physiology in campus laboratories. Dr. Brian Jensen directs the classes that take place in many of these labs, and explains how the skills students learn from him transfer to upper level studies and careers.  

A Closer Look at All Things Saint Rose

The College of Saint Rose is a great institution of higher education that is always changing and offering new opportunities. Being a former undergraduate student who joined the work force for a few years and eventually came back to study at the graduate level (seriously, I just couldn’t stay away!), I often find myself marveling at how much the school…

Saint Rose President R. Mark Sullivan

College of Saint Rose President R. Mark Sullivan a Focus of Albany State of the City Address

Saint Rose President R. Mark Sullivan  will still be involved in education policy in the City of Albany, even after he steps down as college president in August of this year. This was one of the messages conveyed by Albany Mayor Gerald Jennings during his 2012 State of the City address, delivered last night. In addition to outlining priorities like…