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Tips For Survival

It’s always about this time of year at college where everyone starts to get a little more homesick than usual. The end of October/beginning of November is the time of year that I find myself most wanting to pull my hair out. There’s midterms and projects and papers that all seem to be due at the same time, and all…

Favorite websites for when I’m stressed or need a laugh

I’ve already written a post about not letting stress get to you during the semester. In that post, I included some ways to deal with stress. Today, I’m back with some of my favorite websites to visit when I’m stressed or just need a laugh. Photo Credit Pandora – If you haven’t used Pandora yet, I highly suggest it! Pandora…

Welcome to the Real World; Stress Everywhere

When I arrived at school a little over three months ago, I thought I was in the real world. I wasn’t living with my parents, I was responsible for doing my own work, managing my own time, and making my own decisions. The Real World! I was doing fantastic! My classes weren’t beating me up, I thought I was on…