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Tales from the Archives: Wise Words

Saint Rose students can pick up the latest edition of The Chronicle every week. But years ago students had to wait for a quarterly student publication to read stories, essays and poems written by their fellow classmates.  Rambler was one of the many student publications over the years and it ran from 1928 to 1973. Rambler’s magazine like style was causal…

Tales from the Archives: Summer in September

 Remember when you could escape a hot summer afternoon by going to the beach? At the beach the heat of summer doesn’t seem to matter all that much. The smell of salt in the air takes away the stickiness of humidity and the sound of sea breeze can put anyone’s mind at ease.   Today’s hot summer-like temperature makes me…

Tales from the Archives: Boost!

When visiting an archives, researchers often get pleasantly lost in the many letters, photographs, journals, and publications related to their subject. Archivists are not immune to this! While doing research the other day, I became reacquainted with several issues of Canary Trills. This was the first student publication at Saint Rose. I’d like to share a poem that gives a…