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Tag: The New York State Assembly

Good to know: 2015 Assembly intern’s unique perspective on upheaval in the Legislature

Alex Isham worked hard to move a bill he felt strongly about onto the floor of the New York State Assembly. The measure would force public officials convicted of a job-related felony to lose their pensions. Isham thoroughly researched the bill. He lobbied colleagues and lined up support. But in the end he was unable to get the measure onto…

Good to Know: Saint Rose political science professor Angela Ledford delves into democracy Albany-style as new Professor in Residence at the New York State Assembly

 If New York taxpayers aren’t often proud of the way their state government operates, they do at least seem to revel in its notoriety. “We feel our state is the most dysfunctional. But Texas and South Carolina are probably worse,” said Angela Ledford, an associate professor of political science at The College of Rose. “People always tend to believe their…