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Tag: The Washington Post

Good to know: We are all athletes

People don’t go out and exercise in order to look like other people. They do it to stay healthy, feel good and look good. And they like to wear things that make them look and feel good while they are doing it. But there was Andrea Kuchinski ’06 once again, buying a frumpy men’s T-shirt to wear at the gym…

Good to know: On, and off, the front lines of Ebola research

Just three years out of college, Katie Daddario DiCaprio ’02 helped develop the vaccine that now represents perhaps the best hope of slowing the spread of Ebola. DiCaprio was a graduate student when she worked in the highly restricted military lab where day after day monkeys given the vaccine remained alert and healthy, following numerous failures. She co-authored a paper…

Good to Know: Five questions for Harry Rosenfeld

On a Saturday morning in 1972, Washington Post metro editor Harry Rosenfeld began overseeing a story about a burglary that would eventually bring down an American president, inspire an Oscar-winning movie and usher in an era of investigative journalism. Rosenfeld, then 42, supervised reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, (whom Rosenfeld hired) as they linked a break-in at Democratic campaign…