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Tag: Vacation

Throw Back Thursday- Take Me Back to Warm Weather!

The bitter cold and snow here in Albany is beginning to get old. I wake up with my fingers crossed craving only to wear shorts and a t-shirt. I opened my blinds this morning to see the sun shining and blue skies. I immediately decided to trust my instinct which told me that sun = warmth. I tossed on a…

Tardy Tuesday (…a late Monday’s Muse)

Happy belated Monday everyone! You’ll have to excuse my tardiness, I had a “vacation day” yesterday. When you’re twenty something and work a full time “real job,”  a vacation day usually consists of laundry, grocery shopping, doing the dishes etc. I did get to go to the track (Saratoga Race Track) yesterday for a few hours though…lost 14 whole dollars,…

Call Me Carmen.

Hello St. Rose blog!! I must say that I’ve missed using the blog as my own little journal of the exciting things that happen to me while at Saint Rose.  With this being said I thought I could just do a middle of summer check in as my return to campus draws near (AUGUST 12TH). The biggest thing to have occurred since leaving…