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#TBT – Remembering My First Saint Rose Experience

It seems like only yesterday that I was a high school senior, young and terrified of the next chapter of my life, attending my first Open House at The College of Saint Rose. I always knew in the back of my mind that Saint Rose was going to be the place for me, but that definitely didn’t always help the butterflies that fluttered in the pit of my stomach every time I thought about graduating high school, packing up, and going to college.

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to work an Open House event held on our campus. Did you happen to see the girl running around with her phone in one hand, camera in the other, taking photos of our campus and families on tours? That girl was me. To some, this may not sound like a glamorous job, but I loved every second of it. I love any interaction with prospective students and families, and the opportunity to share my passion and love for this campus.

Looking back and remembering my first experiences at Saint Rose, I can’t believe I can look back and say, “Look where I am now”. I never would have thought I would come to college and dive right into my campus community by doing a Pathways Program, and become a leader before classes even started. I definitely never imagined myself as the Vice President of the largest student run club on campus, and gaining the skills to do so. And if you asked me if I was going to become an RA, especially one for first-year students, I would have looked at you like you were crazy.

March 2013 Accepted Student Day to March 2015 Dodgeball Madness - Who would have thought I'd be wearing the Fear head some day?!

March 2013 Accepted Student Day to March 2015 Dodgeball Madness – Who would have thought I’d be wearing the Fear head some day?!

All of those things and more are opportunities that Saint Rose has given me, along with the tools to succeed at them above and beyond even my own expectations. Starting from that first Open House, I knew I was ready to make Saint Rose my home, but I never thought I would love it this much. And now, as a Junior, I am proud to say that Saint Rose has been everything and more than I ever imagined.

So, fellow Saint Rose students, what do you remember from your first Open House or Accepted Students Day? Share your thoughts below!

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