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Thank You for all you do, Saint Rose

It’s no secret that the buzz of campus has been the recent announcement of programs and faculty getting cut from our community. As someone in one of the programs being affected, this is news that certainly hits home on a personal level. However, I have shed enough tears about this issue, and it is time to bring some light back into my world and hopefully yours as well.

I know that everyone being affected by these changes will have their own opinions, rightfully entitled to, however, I think in this time of anxiety, confusion, and even potentially some thoughts of anger, it is important to remember why myself and a lot of you are having these feelings. Because we all love Saint Rose.

I chose Saint Rose, in large part, because of an excellent academic experience. However, I also chose Saint Rose because of the loving and supportive community that we have on this campus. Yes, as an academic student, I am heart-broken that the major I am a part of (unfortunately only a small number of people are in) will be eliminated. But, when I think about what has made my Saint Rose experience an amazing one, the fondest memories I have made have not been entirely centered in the classroom.

I think about the fact that I am lucky enough to be a Resident Assistant on campus, an opportunity I would have never known I wanted until living on campus and building a great relationship with my freshmen RA and my hallmates. I would have never gained the skills I have in de-escalation, conflict management, communication, and so much more if not for this job that was offered and available for me.

Myself and some of my residents at Reach Out Saint Rose this year!

Myself and some of my residents at Reach Out Saint Rose this year!

I reflect on my almost 2 years of serving as an Executive Board member of our Student Events Board. I can confidently say now that I can plan large-scale events, talk in front of giant crowds, and manage a budget. These are leadership opportunities that I have been encouraged to take on as a student at Saint Rose.

I appreciate my time being highly involved in our Spiritual Life and Community Service Offices, and how I am an extremely aware social activist in our community. These offices have given me the opportunity to travel on service trips, volunteer in the local community, become an activist for social justice, and help coordinate one of the largest events sponsored by our campus, Reach Out Saint Rose. My work with these offices even helped me realize that I was pursuing the wrong career for me, and that I need to follow my passion for something different. This wouldn’t have been possible without such amazing people working for and with the College, and without the programs available to our campus community!

Helping repair a home in New Orleans, LA on an Alternative Spring Break Trip sponsored by the Community Service Office!

Helping repair a home in New Orleans, LA on an Alternative Spring Break Trip sponsored by the Community Service Office!

So, although these times are stressful, saddening, and difficult to deal with, take a few minutes to write down and think about the reasons why you love Saint Rose. Although this community will change, it will always be one that I cherish and love, and hope that you find you feel the same. Thank you for all you do for me, Saint Rose. I don’t know what I would do without you!

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  1. Orville
    December 22, 2015 at 3:54 PM

    We LOVED St. Rose. The way it used to be, not that long ago. A place that valued its faculty and students. A place that understood the importance of a well-rounded college education, where building the future leaders of our world was more important than profits. I appreciate you posting about the things you love about the school. It’s sad that so much of what you love is already disappearing.

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