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The Best Years of Your Life

People often tell college students that, “College is the best time of your life,” and often times, we the college students tell them that they’re full of it. We tell them that college is full of stress and papers, useless homework, dumb group projects, bad relationships and breakups, bad food, bad roommates and having no money. However, once you actually open your eyes and see the big picture, you’ll realize college has so much more to offer.

Friendships: The friends you make in college, and that you stay friends with throughout college often become friends for the rest of your life. My mom’s very best friend is someone she met in college. These friends share so many experiences with you, it’s hard to ever let them go.


Me and Becca, my best friend I have made at Saint Rose

Experience: College is more than just an education, it’s a time in your life where you find yourself. It’s when you figure out who you are, who you want to be and what you want to do. The fights with roommates, the group projects, the stress, the having no money, all allows you to experience things, and learn how to handle the real world.


Friends that TP a tree together, stay together

Free and Cheap Stuff: I’m not just talking about free t-shirts and the occasional free food, I’m talking about everything else. After graduation, nothing is free, not even a t-shirt. However, during college there are so many fantastic and free or cheap opportunities: from things to do, places to go, or even chances to further your education.


  • Events: Here at Saint Rose we have SEB sponsored trips: rock climbing, Yankees games, and overnight trips, all for a relatively low price. We have SA and Student Affairs sponsored events, from Fall Classic, to Late Knight events such as Dave and Busters and Roller Skating. This is only available to you at college: after that things become full price.
  • Shopping and Travel: In Albany, we get the CDTA busses for free. We can go pretty much anywhere in the Capital Region, and there’s a lot to do. Also, there are many stores that offer discounts with a college ID. Don’t take these things for granted, use them to your full advantage. Why pay for gas and parking, when you can go for free?
  • Enhancing Your Education: College is a time to learn, not only about yourself, but about everything. College campuses are a hub of constant learning and advice. When else in your life can you have a professional review your resume for free? When else do you get conversations with professors during office hours, just because you have time and you want their opinion on something? When else do you get to join organizations that help you in your career, or with your hobbies, for free? Never; in part because you don’t have access, and in part because you don’t have time. When else do you have incredibly easy access to a variety of lectures that can spark your mind, your thoughts, and your creativity? While lectures do tend to be open to the public, it’s more difficult to attend when you aren’t a short walk away, and when you have a full time job, a house and maybe a family.

The bottom line here, is that while college may not be the “best time of your life”, it’s not the worst. It’s even better when you take advantage of every opportunity given to you, because there are so many to choose from.

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.”  ~ John Keats 

Until next time,
Anne Marie

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