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“The Electric Paintings”

~A joint post from Ruth Mejia ’19 and Claudine Smith ’19, work study students in the Saint Rose Communications office.~

We were only trying to take a few pictures for our work study job and we figured the Massry Center would be a good place to start. When we entered the building we stumbled across the John Knecht Exhibit. We were captivated by the vibrant colors and animated figures. Admittedly, we thought the paintings were weird and trippy at first but as we continued to walk through the exhibition we began to think about the imagery behind these videos and drawings. Most of the work consisted of animations, sketches, and videos of what seemed at the moment a bunch of colorful pictures strung into one incoherent image. Little did we know that all these images had something to do with the artist’s childhood and life experiences.

After looking at the beautiful images we spoke to the director, Jeanne Flanagan, and she gave us a little insight about the artist. We found out that Professor Knecht was in the Vietnam War, had an Evangelistic upbringing and grew up in the 1950s when color TV was just coming out. This information gave us a better understanding of the artist work and what his inspirations were.

The John Knecht Exhibit is open at the Esther Massry Gallery from January 24 – February 28. The Visiting Artist Event will be at Saint Josephs Auditorium on Friday, January 29. The reception is from 5-7 p.m. and the Artists Lecture will be at 7 p.m. Check out both events and tell us your thoughts here!

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