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The End is Near

As I am writing this I can not get myself to under stand that in only 12 days I will be waking up in Massachusetts and be staying there for a whole month. I say this as Thanksgiving break is really just a tease– a chance for you to get a glimpse of the massive amount of sleep you will be getting come winter break and the chance to hangout with family and friends. With that being said, I am happy to report that there are literally only two weeks left until the end of the first semester but although that is something to celebrate it also is crunch time.

A to the SECOND countdown until Saturday the 15th at 10:15 aka when I leave to go home!

Like many of my classmates this is the time when our lives turn into papers on papers on papers. I literally have seven papers due by December 10 and the funny thing is I am only taking 5 classes- now I am not a math major but that seems a little off. This time last year when I was a freshmen I suppose I got off easy as I only had two papers to turn in towards the end of the semester but now that I am taking four major classes that number has more than tripled. During the next two weeks I am going to buckle down and actually attempt to finish my work ahead of schedule so I can enjoy some down time with my friends. It already seems like I am on the right track as I went to the library, for what is probably only my 5th time, to get books for my assignments.

As you too are more than likely feeling the pressures of the end of the semester try to focus on one thing at a time- if you’re like me looking at the bigger picture will just cause you more stress.

What do you think?

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