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The Homework Cafe Series- Tierra Coffee Roasters

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I tend to get really distracted when trying to get research and writing done in my apartment.  With my home being a place I consider an escape zone after a taxing day of work and/or class, it is sometimes way too tempting to take a mental break when I should be working on an assignment.  I often find myself being more productive outside of the comfort of my home, and coffee shops are my ideal place to go for a relaxing– but not too relaxing– atmosphere to focus on projects.  This is my first installment of a series I will be calling The Homework Cafe, where I will be sharing my experiences at some great local places ideal for either work OR relaxation… whichever you prefer. 🙂

My first stop this semester was Tierra Coffee Roasters, located to the right of Madison Theatre.  I went through my first semester at Saint Rose not even realizing Tierra existed, let alone being 0.2 miles from Saint Joseph Hall.  Last year, Tierra became my café of choice to do homework at, for a few choice reasons.

A view of the entrance (Photo courtesy of Metroland)

For one, they offer a bit of everything on their menu, including breakfast items (try their oatmeal with granola, berries, and chocolate!), sandwiches and paninis, baked goods, soups, and a variety of coffee, mochas, lattes, teas– you name it.  When I went this past weekend, for a little over $2 I bought a regular-sized coffee in which I could help myself to free refills since I planned on staying awhile.  I was ecstatic about that!  They offer many organic products and their coffee is locally roasted in Chatham, NY.

View from my workspace (Taken by: Allison Villeneuve)

View from the loft (Taken by: Allison Villeneuve)

Second, the atmosphere has everything I look for in a café.  They have a variety of seating and table arrangements, an outdoor seating area, and an indoor loft with couches. They are usually playing some funky retro music in the background (and they offer live music as well).  The lighting is dim for aesthetics but each table has a small personal lamp to illuminate your workstation. The staff is friendly, talkative, and accommodating.  Also important as a student– they offer free WiFi!

My workspace. Disclaimer: a productive atmosphere doesn't guarantee productivity- yes that's Facebook. (Taken by: Allison Villeneuve)

Third, you can’t beat the convenience of the location and hours for Saint Rose students. It is only a walk or very brief drive away and the doors are open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.  Great for a change of scenery during a day of studying!

(The College of Saint Rose or I are not affiliated with the Tierra Coffee Roasters- I am simply a satisfied customer!)

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