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The Importance of Snacks

I’m going to break this down in the simplest form that I can: Snack time existed for a reason.

I am not going to lie- there is little difference between a hungry college student and a hungry 1st grader. Nothing beneficial comes out of college students being hungry. Like when we were 6 we just get flat-out grumpy and in my case extremely irritable. If you try and talk to me without my mid-afternoon snack it is very unlikely that good things will happen. I say why not make snack time socially acceptable again? I mean everyone eats so why cant we all eat at the same time to avoid the giant grumpy pit that long classes turn into. Now dont get me wrong, I’m not preaching for the college to provide the snacks (although that would be wicked) but merely for teachers to be chill with class wide snack time.

Bring back the snack.

If you think this is a strange and an entirely weird suggestion think back to grade school. Remember when it was snack time and you felt a sense of excitment over stabbing your straw into the juice box and breaking out a bag of cookies? Remember how much happier everyday life was? I do.

Im Courtney Carr and I say it’s time to snack.

  1 comment for “The Importance of Snacks

  1. Erin Donnelly
    March 28, 2012 at 3:19 PM

    I’m Erin Donnelly and I say “don’t eat gerbil food.”

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