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The Kingdom of Brubacher Hall…

Welcome back into my life for another week Saint Rose!

As I have stated before in some of my blogs, I live in Brubacher Hall. Now for those of you who may not know what or where Bru is, it is a first-year dorm that holds about 305 students and is roughly a 2 block walk from the actual campus.

The first thing I get when I mention that I live in Brubacher is “How are you so involved if you are so far away?” Personally, I’ve never really understood this. It’s only two blocks people! Plus, since when is a little bit of walking such a bad thing? Anyways, Bru is actually one of the best decisions of my college career, so far and I’m glad this is my residence hall! The Resident Assistants and the Area Coordinator (s/o to Mathew Vincent for being so great!) are extremely friendly and will help you with anything along your journey at Saint Rose. They are all wonderful people and really make the building come to life. It isn’t just that though, the building itself is designed so that along the way to your room you will actually walk through hallways to get there. This helps you meet some amazing people and create really good friendships.

Brubacher has helped create a nice sense of community and allowed many of us to build life long memories that for many of us really make our college experience. And the walk that some people dislike is something that I truly enjoy. It helps me clear my head and mentally prepare for my full day ahead. It also provides a good wind down portion to my night as I walk home after a long day of class. Also, sometimes it’s just a good thing to get away from campus and be by yourself for a few too.

Plus, the environment in Bru is just great. For me, when things are too quiet I cannot focus and the same goes when there is too much noise. Bru is kind of a healthy mix of both. It is nice to hear people laughing and having the time of their lives in the lounge with friends and bringing spirit into the halls. There is never really a dull moment. This is what truly makes Brubacher Hall the place to be!

My homeland Bru!

My homeland Bru! Isn’t it so pretty?

Before I go I should also mention that I am applying to become a Resident Assistant for next year! I would prefer to be placed back into Bru if I were to get the position, I will make sure to keep you all updated! So as always be on the look out for my next blog on campus involvement! 

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