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The Newbie

Me! This photo is from my recent trip to New Orleans with The College of Saint Rose for an alternative spring break. We volunteered with (photo credit: Kayla Germain)

Hello blog readers!  My name is Brittany Terry, my friends call me Britt and I’m a sophomore here at the College.  After slight peer pressure and persuasion, I decided that I would give blogging a try.   I’ve never done something like this before, this is my first time…ever, so just bear with me.  I dual major in sociology and communications with a concentration in public relations.  I won’t deny that being a dual major is a lot of work but because of my strong interest in both topics, it’s manageable.  Sociology, for those who don’t know, is the study of society.  I find that the creation of theories on the world we live in to be fascinating.  Communications is focused on the process of human communication, expressing meaning through symbols.  I was attracted to the communications field initially because of my like for public speaking, but after taking a few classes, I realized it was so much more than that.

I am involved in three different clubs on campus; Student Events Board (SEB), ALANA and Knights of Service (KOS).  ALANA stands for Asian, Latino, African, and Native American, various ethnicities that have smaller populations on campus.  Of course, this group is not limited to only these people, anyone is welcome and encouraged to join and support us.  The main goal of this club is to expand diversity on campus, and that’s what we do.  I serve as a Peer Leader, which means I am a mentor for a freshman who needs guidance in making the huge transition from high school to college life.  As a freshman, I was a mentee and being in this club really had impact on my year in the most positive ways.  Student Events Board is in charge of on campus activities ranging from comedy shows, to novelties, to weekend trips available to students.  This semester I am on the novelties committee and I really enjoy it.  Knights of Service is pretty much “community service club”, the first one on Saint Rose campus (believe it or not).  I love giving back to those in need because it really makes me appreciate everything that I have been blessed with within my life.  Most of the work we regularly do pertains to local food pantries and shelters of various types.  You would be surprised to know how many people truly need help so  close to where you attend college.

On this blog, I would like to share my college experiences as a whole, from classes and the professors to events that I attend.  I’ll even share personal stories of my social life!  I’m an open person, whatever I feel like writing about I will.  Feedback from anyone is valued so that I can know what you guys want to read about.  To whom ever has taken the time to read my first blog, big thank you’s! Doesn’t get much cornier than this but I’ll say it anyway–  later, gators!

What do you think?

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