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The Saint Rose Difference!

We’ve all heard it before – when you attend The College of Saint Rose, there is something called the “Saint Rose Difference“.  Those of us who have been here for a long time already know about the negative aspects of the Saint Rose Difference – the times in the dining hall when things go wrong, or the mailroom when  things get misplaced. And then there’s the infamous one: Fear The Knight, our mascot, is a silver knight (and we’re the Golden Knights).

Me, Lyssa, and Fear at a winter Open House! 🙂

But all joking aside, when you get right down to it, there really is a Difference at Saint Rose. I felt it the minute I came on campus. There’s a sense of friendliness here that you don’t get at many other colleges. At the Scholarship Brunch yesterday (an event held for all scholarship recipients for incoming students), many students came up to me with their concerns about negativity, seeing as they had seen it at other campuses. At Saint Rose, that’s not the case. To be honest, I have not met one single negative professor or professional here. As for the students, well, everyone is supportive and loving. Those who you may feel negative vibes with are very rare; the friends you make here are true, and they  love you unconditionally. There are no negative feelings at this campus (other than at the crows who sometimes creep around campus and who poop on you).

So, what is the Saint Rose Difference? Is it the positive feelings you get from the people? Is it the small class sizes, or the individual attention received from professors? Is it the awesome Social Media department?? (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Or, is the Saint Rose Difference the love you feel for this campus and for it’s people? That’s what it is to me.

What do you define as “The Saint Rose Difference?”

Let me know in the comments what you feel the Saint Rose Difference is! Have a good week everyone! 🙂

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