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Things to Do On a Nice Day:

It is a WICKED (I’m from MA remember) nice day out today!! I mean absolutely amazing to be outside especially on the quad- so I have taken a few moments to compile a list on things that people can do on the St. Rose campus (or just off it) when it happens to be 50 in February.

So really this was in the summer.... but you get the idea.

1. Take a Walk– its simple but sometimes people forget that strolling around campus can be relaxing when you are not 10 minutes late to class.
2. Take Your Sports Outside– I’m talking to you athletes. I just saw my friends “peppering“- apparently its a term used when you practice some sort of volleyball skill with others.
3. Walk to Madison’s Pizza– take a break from dining hall food and walk to one of the million local restaurants near by.
4. Go To The Park– There is this cute little park across the street from Madison’s Pizza (that makes it on Madison) with swings and slides and everything that a five year-old or college student would need to have fun.
5. Bring Your Work to the Quad– I had to put work in here someplace so take your book or laptop out to one of the benches and chill with some of your other friends that have homework.

Getting outside in college can sometimes be a struggle…. but try to get away from your dorm room and go outside. I heard once or twice that going outside was even good for you.

See even Maggie is loving this northern weather!!

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