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Tips for Gaining Experience

Alright, so day in and day out we sit down in class, and our professors periodically preach to us about gaining experience in “your field” and to do it soon, because “it’s all about the resume,” right? So we hear this everyday and we think the same thing; “How the heck am I supposed to do that?” Well, it’s actually easier than you think, and the answer actually tends to be right in front of you. So here are a couple quick suggestions on how to do this:

  1. Use your assets –> What I mean by this is to use the people around you as entryways into your field. It could be a coach, a professor, and especially your work study supervisors.
  2. Which brings me to my next point; many students here at Saint Rose are involved in the work study program. Work study is awesome because it fills your pockets with some extra money. So, how about getting the most out of it that you can by signing up for work study jobs in offices that are similar to your actual major, or desired major? For example, if you are interested in pursuing a career in marketing per se, then perhaps apply for a work study job with the Public Relations and Marketing Department (hint: that’s what I did). 
  3. Next, apply for internships; we are so lucky to be in the Capital Region because the amount of flexible internships is booming! (Which, by the way, some are even paid!)
  4. And lastly, take a break! Signing up for internships, work study, athletics, and school on top of that is just down right crazy. But hey, that’s our lives! So my tip for you would be to set aside time every week to do absolutely nothing. Forget about homework/school, everything. JUST RELAX. Time to rest goes a long way and your performance will surely improve in all areas.

Overall, this is my vision of the “road to success” in the aspect of experience and I hope it helps you.

Feel free to comment below if you have any extra suggestions that should be on this list!

Us students have to stick together, I mean we basically live together for nine months of the year, might as well make it worth while!

Enjoy your week and stay warm!

Stay warm!

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