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Top podcasts on campus

With the exponential growth of media usage as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, podcasts have seen a rapid increase in user engagement. Experts may think podcasts are a thing of the past and not in tune with current media trends, but they would be wrong. Here at Saint Rose, podcasts are still going strong. Some students listen for entertainment, some for advice and others for education. Let’s check-in with our Golden Knights and see which podcasts top their lists.

“Tiny Leaps, Big Changes”
“I’ll admit I was one of those people who thought podcasts were old and not so “trendy” anymore, but once my friend recommended that I listen to “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes”, my opinion quickly changed. This is a great podcast for anyone who simply needs a motivational push because it offers great insight into how you can take little steps in life that may seem minor, but result in the biggest changes. This podcast has helped me so much while going through school, especially when I feel that everything going on is simply too much for me.” – Emma Cicchetti, Communications, ’24

“Dear Neighbor”*
“This is a great podcast created by members of the Saint Rose community that focuses on personal growth and learning in the community. It focuses on Saint Rose students and how our college community has made an impact on their lives. Being one of the staff members behind this podcast, I can definitely say that it is one that students should certainly listen to because we discuss and highlight some great topics and words of encouragement.” – Christian Shear, Communications, ’22

“How to Break Your Anxiety Habit”
“It would be fair to say that many college students express some form of anxiety, along with myself. Personally, I have learned that listening to others talk about it, explaining causes and methods to overcome it, has greatly helped me in dealing with anxiety and to rid it from my life. I have been listening to a podcast recently from Judson Brewer called “How to Break Your Anxiety Habit.” It has taught me more than I thought I could know about anxiety and how I can deal with it, and I can easily say that my experience at Saint Rose has drastically improved.” – Loryn Donvito, Criminal Justice,  ’24

Podcasts are a great way to personalize information and entertainment, in the easiest way possible. Most students at Saint Rose use either Spotify or Apple Music, where endless varieties of podcasts can be found. Even better, they are usually 100% free!

*Listen to “Dear Neighbor” episodes here.



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