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College really changes your life, guys. Everyone thinks when they first come here, “This is it! I’m going to do what I love to do with my life, and everything’s going to work out perfectly fine!” Once you get into college, you see that this is actually not completely true; some things don’t go as smoothly as you plan. Sometimes, you need to make the hard decisions in order to thrive. The truth is, college is a time to transition from childhood into adulthood. And that transition can sometimes be scary.

Now, I’m not making this post to scare anyone off from college; this is something that is just part of the human process. Thankfully, those of us at The College of Saint Rose are lucky enough to have a warm and welcoming environment to transition in. I personally have never felt as loved as I have when here. I’ve met my best friends (no, my sisters) here, and the professional staff has been nothing but supportive. I’ve learned many life lessons here, and I could not be more grateful.

Me, my grandparents, and my Mom out for dinner two years ago! Aren’t my grandparents the most adorable people ever? I think so 🙂

Time to get slightly personal (and I hope no one minds) – these past few months have been quite trying on me. For those of you who know me personally, you know that my mom and I have been dealing with the transition of moving my grandparents from their home to a nursing home. This is such a difficult transition to make, especially for my grandparents; they both suffer from dementia and both have some serious medical problems. They’ve been living on their own in Lake Worth, Florida up until now. However, right before Thanksgiving, my grandmother had to have major surgery and have a portion cut out of her leg (see what happens when you smoke for 50 years? DON’T DO IT). My mom and I decided that it would be unsafe for my grandparents to continue to live alone without help at this point, and thankfully they both agreed with us. Now we’re trying to figure out the logistics of moving my grandparents into either an assisted living or nursing home up on Long Island, mainly because my Mom and I can’t fly to Florida whenever they need us, and because they’ll be closer to their original home.

Why am I telling you my current sob story? To show you a serious transition that happens – this whole process has really helped me transition from childhood into adulthood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still mentally 12; but when things like this happen, I tend to now react more responsibly and more maturely. I can’t use the excuse that I can’t be involved because I’m a kid; I’m not. I’m 21 years old, and by this time next year, I’ll be done with my student teaching. College has prepared me for this transition, and I am not scared of it. I am embracing this transition, and trying to find a healthy balance that works for me.

I now turn to my friends who have also had to make hard decisions this semester. To those of you who have had to make the hard choices about switching majors, switching schools, or not going to school anymore, I want to tell you that I am proud of you. You are making a decision that, although difficult to make, will in the end make you happier. You are also in the process of transitioning into adulthood and into what I like to call “the big people world.” Don’t waste your college years doing something that makes you unhappy; this is your life we’re talking about! Go out there and do something that motivates you to wake up in the morning! Do something that will make a difference not just in your life, but in the lives of others! Make this hard decision now, so you can live the rest of your life smiling. If this decision puts you mind at peace, then you are doing the right thing. Embrace that.

To those of you who are struggling with this transition, let me remind you that you are not alone. Everyone that goes to college goes through the same thing you’re going through. So the major you started out with isn’t everything you thought it would be. That’s ok. You’re lucky enough to go to a college that has, like, 10 billion amazing majors (well, more like 70 undergraduate programs, but you get the point). Find something you love, and do what you love to do! If anything in your life is making you unhappy, realize that you have the power to change it. It might require making a decision that is hard to make. Sometimes, it’s necessary to make those decisions. You can do it, though. You have that power. Take charge of your life, and love yourself enough to do the thing that makes you happy. You’re worth it.

I hope my words have reached you in some way, and that they help you with the collegiate transition However, if you would like to talk to someone with more professional experience than I do (AKA mostly everyone), head on over to the Counseling Center, or talk to your Resident Assistant  (like me, a new RA at 968 Madison Ave! Another transition!!!). They are there for you! Take advantage of that!

Have a wonderful day, everyone. Do the things that make you happy. 🙂

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