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The lovely Kayla Germain asked the question “what was your favorite moment of 2011?”

I know automatically any one of my friends reading this is going to say “New Orleans, she is definitely going to say New Orleans” and while yes, that was a huge one, it wasn’t my only favorite. I would have to say my favorite moment of 2011 is really hard to narrow down.

I will be honest, it hasn’t been the best year for my family and I. With health scares, hospital visits, surgeries, new jobs, financial problems, school, and everything in between, it’s been really rough. I am thankful and lucky though because it could have been a lot worse. Some of my amazing friends had to deal with as much or ten times more than me, and I hate seeing people I care about in pain but, we did it guys. You made it through this year and it just has to go up from here! At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

So, to answer Kayla’s question I can think of 3 big moments of 2011 that were my favorite.

  1. Rock the build was a benefit show put together to raise money for students going on the trip to New Orleans. That was one of the most amazing nights I have ever had. I was so floored by the performers, the people who showed up, and the money raised that night. It’s a feeling I will never forget. I was almost brought to tears. My two best friends from hours away came all the way to Albany for just one night to come the concert. I don’t think either one of them will ever know how much it meant to me. The performers were fantastic, the venue was great, and the atmosphere was just right. It was a perfect night that I think everyone enjoyed. So if you’re reading this and were a part of that event in any way shape or form last year from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  Rock the build 2, I really need to come up with a better name for it, is being put together now and it is going to be bigger and better than ever. It is set to be held at Jack’s Place on February 10, 2012. It’s still in the works but I am so excited for this event and all the people who are helping with it. I think it’s going to be a great time!

2. Over the summer myself along with three of my friends were asked to travel to Washington DC for a week of service learning and leadership training. I loved this week so very much. The people I met were amazing, the experience was amazing and it is something I will never ever forget. While we were there we went to an animal sanctuary called Liberty Hall Rescue.

 This was the second happiest day in 2011 and ranks in the top ten of my life. I did not want to leave. There were goats, mini horses, chickens, llamas, alpacas, emus, and kittens! I thought my heart was going to explode with rainbows, I hadn’t been that happy since New Orleans.  (I still feel awful Kait didn’t get to experience this ) It was so awesome to hear the story behind the farm.  The woman who ran it was a beautiful and loving person that I aspire to be like in life. I am determined to go back there some day. I’d give anything to have that peace again. Also, the animals and I got along so very well.

3. Spending time with all my friends. Whether it was for 1 hour or 1 day, every moment spent with friends is something I really treasure. It’s important to take time to spend with people you care about because that is the thing that keeps you sane. I have met so many wonderful people in 2011 and I’m really lucky to have them in my life. I think most of my friends know how much they mean to me, at least I hope they do. I’m lucky to have great guys and girls in my life that keep me together when I want to fall apart, give me great advice, are fun, listen to great music, and are themselves no matter what. I hope we are all friends forever <3


I end this post with a hope for 2012. I hope 2012 is a good year for everyone, I know we all need it. I hope my friends challenge themselves to make a difference. I hope that this year brings health and peace for my family and my friends family. I hope this year brings positive and productive relationships.  I hope that this school year is a good one academically and finally, I hope that Rose Rock is outside.

What do you want this year to bring you?

Peace, love, and happy New Years!

What do you think?

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