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Vito, Why Did You Choose Saint Rose?

Hello friends! Since I get this question a lot from peers in high school, co-workers, and on campus I figured this week I would talk about how I found out about Saint Rose, #whyichosestrose and what led me to where I am today…

So a little over a year ago I was sending in my final applications to all the colleges I could possibly see myself attending. At this time I didn’t even know about Saint Rose, but then as I was going through my mail I saw a pamphlet from the small school in Albany, NY. I was already dead set on going to another college and I actually got the acceptance letter from that school on the same exact day, but something stood out to me about Saint Rose. I looked through the pamphlet and decided that I wanted to find out more. Unfortunately money was tight, so I was not able to drive the almost three hours up here to come and visit (that said, I do think visiting a campus is important). Between working weekends and the many other extracurricular activities I was involved in at the time that was just not an option for me. So I went on the website and I looked through all of the pages, checked out the blogs, and went to the Facebook page just to see how people generally felt about the college.

#strose2019 #golden knight

#strose2019 #golden knight

After I was done looking at everything Saint Rose looked like a college I could see myself going to. So I applied later that evening, I received an acceptance letter a couple of weeks later and couldn’t have been more ecstatic! Naturally I now had to make the biggest decision of my life, at the time, and pick one of the amazing institutions I had been accepted to. I had applied to about ten schools and got accepted to nine of them with decent scholarships from each, so this was not an easy thing for me to do. I was looking for a school with a close knit community, a small but proactive student body, and a passion driven staff and faculty. These were all things that really stood out to me about Saint Rose.

As I started narrowing down my choices I looked closely to academics, specifically business. I had spent the past four years at Sussex County Technical School in Sparta, NJ studying Allied Health Technologies through Rutgers University and by going through this experience I realized that my passion wasn’t within the sciences, but lies within Business Administration. Through my research I found that the Huether School of Business has some of the most amazing faculty, and a wonderful program. Now this had gotten Saint Rose into my top three schools and I started to look at financial aid. Some of the other schools actually did offer me more in financial aid, but when it came down to it Saint Rose offered me so much more. College was still affordable, which was a necessity, it gave me a great outlook into the future and was based on the liberal arts, which I also really enjoyed.

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After several months and nearing the enrollment deadline I finally made my decision and I chose Saint Rose! The community, faculty, and the overwhelming passion put out by this school makes me happier each day that I chose to come here. Going to Albany from Montague, NJ was a big adjustment. That is #whyichosestrose and it was one of my best decisions (images of where I lived then and now above!). Now I work with some amazing people at the college and am completely immersed in the campus life. Honestly, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else right now…anyway here are some photos of my amazing experiences at PB & Jams (a volunteering event to make PB&J sandwiches for homeless shelters) and the Black Tie Semi-Formal!

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As Always Look Out for My Next Blog and Follow My Journey at Saint Rose!

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