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Volunteering = Good Karma

Like almost every other american I like things of material like my new rain boots or my iPod but something else that I love comes with no material benefit at all. I love to volunteer and rack up good karma points. I love to think that when you do something nice for someone else somewhere down the line something good will happen to you in return. Because of this during my highschool career I volunteered all over the place and when I came to Albany I was looking for another outlet to help those around me.

My first semester was crazy as any freshmen’s always is but as soon as second semester rolled around I made it my mission to start going to RISSE with my friends that have been going since first semester (Hello Abby, Suzy, and Megan). RISSE (Refugee and Immigrant Support Services of Emmaus) is a great program that I am so happy to be a part of. As the name states, RISSE, works with refugees and immigrants from all over the world. Through the program volunteers can either work with adults or children and help them better assimilate to America and learn our language. I choose to work with the children as I love to help them learn english and practice their US history that is brand new to them. I also choose to work with the children from a somewhat selfish place as I love to do arts and crafts (glitter and feathers are my favorites). With this being said I plan to start “Craft Corner with Courtney” on Thursdays and tomorrow we are making animal/monster puppets. I am wicked excited to see how each kid makes their puppet but a little less excited to pick up the massive amounts of glitter that will be all over the place.


In the end- I can not stress enough how much I love to volunteer at RISSE as it is such a rewarding experience. I urge anyone that is reading this that thinks they would like some good karma in their lives to email me: so I can put you into contact with how to get set up as a volunteer. Like I said before the perks are good karma and knowing you are making a difference in a child’s life that is brand new to our country- If those perks are not cutting it for you remember that I also mentioned glitter and feathers.

My name on the board in the 2nd grade class room!! This was a proud moment.

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