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Vox Organizationis: Student Association

I have the pleasure of introducing a new series to the blogs highlighting the student groups around campus, hence the name “Vox Organizationis”, or Voice of the Organization. As for an explanation into how this will work: I ask the president and/or other student officers of the group some questions that are meant to help prospective members, who maybe don’t know much about the group, learn more about it.

For the first club to be spotlighted, I have for you the “overseer” group to all the others: The Student Association (SA), of which the current president, and my interviewee, is Danielle Serrano, class of ’14.

SA Logo (From SA Facebook Page)

(Answered October 2012)

Q: What is the purpose of the Student Organization?

A: The purpose of the Student Association is to represent, express and execute the sentiment of the student body, in the best interest of the student body to faculty, staff and administrators.  In addition, we oversee many of the clubs that are present on campus. 

Q: Who are your officers?

A: Our executive board is made up of six individuals:
President- Danielle Serrano ’14, Vice President- Amelia Renaud ’14, Comptroller- Kait Rooney ’13, Director of Academic Activities- Ryan Hapeman ’14, Director of Special Interest Groups- Lori Blosser ’13, Director of Social Activities- Myles Clendenin ’13.

SA Officers (Credit to Kayla Germain)

Q: How many members does the SA have right now?

A: Currently we have approximately 70 active representatives in the Student Association.

Q: When and where are your regular meetings?

A: Our regular meetings are Tuesdays at 6:30 in Standish A&B.  This time will change next semester (Spring 2013) though.

Q: Is anybody allowed to come to meetings and are there any students you’d especially recommend join?

A: Anybody is allowed to attend our meetings.  There are not an specific students that I recommend joining because, I recommend that all students join the Student Association.  If you want to have a say, you should join SA.

Q: Do you work with other clubs often?

A: We are constantly working with other clubs due to the fact that we oversee them.  Clubs are in and out of the office on a daily basis asking questions about their upcoming events or financial circumstances. As a board, we try to hold events that we can allow the clubs to participate in too.

Q: What events have you/do you hold or participate in? What are some of your favorites?

A: Every year, Student Association holds a Fall and Spring Activities Fair, Rep Training, Stuff the Van, Shed Your Clothes, St. Baldrick’s Day, Harvest Fest, Pre-Released Movie Nights and Rose Rock.  This year we added PB&Jams and have a few new ideas in mind.  My personal favorite is St. Baldrick’s Day.  It began my freshman year and was a huge success.  It continues to get better each year and really brings the Saint Rose community closer together.

Q: What events do you have planned for later this semester and next semester?

A: For the rest of this semester, we have two more movie nights coming up.  We have a few other things coming up that do not have set dates yet.  Next semester, we are having St. Baldrick’s Day, Shed Your Clothes and Rose Rock for sure. 

Q: Do members get any exclusive opportunities through this club (guest speakers, trips, shows, etc.)? Any club clothing?

A: Members of Student Association do get opportunities.  All members that serve on our committees get free attire if there is a specific shirt for the event.  They also get the opportunity to help plan our events.  However, the big thing that representatives look forward to is our end of the semester gifts.  Every fall semester the gift varies but in the spring semester we provide every representative with shorts that say “STUD ASS” on the butt!

Q: Are there any dues required to be payed for being a part of SA?

A: No, there are new dues that are required to be payed in order to be a part of SA! It is completely FREE!

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add for prospective students?

A: As a mentioned before… If you want a say, join SA! It is also a great way to know about events in advance.

Q: Who can be contacted for further information?

A: If anyone has any further questions or would like additional information, you can contact me! My e-mail is or, you can contact the SA account at

And of course, the slogan of the Student Association, as agreed upon by its members, is, “If you want a say, join SA!”

Thank you for reading the first in this series on Saint Rose clubs and organizations!

DFTBA. and next time: Identity.

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