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Vox Organizationis: The Chronicle

(Last Time: The Golden Notes)

Do you like writing? Do you like news? Do you like writing the news? This time, I’ve got Chris Suprenant, Arts Editor for the student-made newspaper on campus, The Chronicle!

The Saint Rose Chronicle (From The Chronicle’s Website)

(Answered March 2013)

Q: What is the purpose of your organization?

A: The Chronicle seeks to inform its readers about news happening around campus, as well as provide content relevant to student life. In our News section, we include stories about students and faculty on campus, events that come to the school, things that have a direct impact on the lives of students, as well as what is going on the Pine Hills neighborhood. The Arts section provides reviews of television shows, movies, and new music, as well as books and restaurants, anything relevant to student interests. The Opinion section provides differing views on issues that relate to our school as well as our readers. That includes politics, campus events, world news, anything that anyone has to say. Our Sports section covers the college’s sports teams, includes profiles of our athletes, as well as commentary on professional sports.

Q: Who are your officers?

A: Co-Executive Editors: Sunshine Osella and Jackson Wang

Managing Editor: Rachel Bolton

The Saint Rose Chronicle editors (From the Chronicle’s Website)

News Editor: Zachary Olsavicky

Features Editor: Lauren Halligan

Arts Editor: Chris Surprenant

Opinion Editor: Regina Iannizzotto

Sports Editor: Joshua Natoli

Head Photographer: Kelly Pfeister

Layout Editor: John Janitz

Assistant Layout Editor: Jennifer O’Connor

Web Editor: Chris Lovell

Copy Editor: Jenessa Matis

Advertising Manager: Caroline Murray

Business Manager: Courtney Carr

Q: How many members do you have right now/this semester?

A: Including all of our editors and staff writers, we probably have about 30 people on our staff.  Our staff writers are usually focused in one section, be it News, Arts, Opinion, or Sports.

Q: When and where are your regular meetings?

A: Our general/staff meetings take place every Wednesday in the Hearst Center for Communications and Interactive Media in Room 121 at 4:30 pm. At 4:00 there is a meeting for editors to discuss the content for the upcoming edition.

Q: Is anybody allowed to attend meetings? Are there any students that you’d especially recommend join (specific majors, interests, etc.)?

A: Absolutely anyone can attend our meetings! We welcome students from all majors. Typically we have Communications students interested, as well as English majors because of their focus on writing. However, anyone who has an opinion to express, a movie to review, a sport to comment on, or a news story to write, we want to hear about it. Our campus is so diverse, and we would love to reflect that in our publication.

Q: Do you work with any other clubs often?

A: We do collaborate with other clubs from time to time. We try to highlight some of the clubs on campus by running stories about them to get the information out to the student body. Depending on the week, the Opinion section will run pieces from various clubs such as Identity, Environmental Club, and United Mathematics Organization.

Q: What events have you held/participated in before? What are/were some of your favorites?

A: In years past, we’ve held a wiffle ball tournament, a charity Christmas party benefit the Marillac Family Shelter, co-sponsored a literacy event with the Capital District Association for Educating Young Children, and participated in an Around the World event with several other clubs through BASIC. The charity Christmas party of 2011 holds a special place in my heart. We setup a “Pie An Editor” station that went over well with all who attended. I have never seen so much Redi Whip in my entire life! Everyone who participated had a really great time, especially knowing that we were raising money for a good cause.

Q: What events/activities do you have planned for later this semester or next semester?

A: We haven’t gotten that far yet, but we’ll hopefully [be] doing some fundraisers towards the end of the semester.

Q: Are there any dues that are required to be payed in being a part of the club?

A: Not at all. The club is 100% free to join.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add to those who might join?

A: To anyone thinking about joining The Chronicle, know that it’s full of great people who love what they do. We love to have fun while doing our campus an important service. Anyone who likes to write, we want you! Anyone who loves to take photos, we want you! There’s pretty much a place for everyone on our staff.

Q: Who can be contacted for further information?

A: Any of the section editors can be contacted with specific questions. Our emails appear in our print edition, as well as on our website: Our general email is

Q: What do you and your members think the slogan/catch-phrase of your club is?

A: We don’t really have a slogan at this time, but it’s definitely something we’re working on.

Q: Can someone not in the group submit to the paper?

A: Yes, anyone can submit to the paper. Once someone submits three articles, they are given the title of “Staff Writer.” Up until that point, their names will have “Contributing Writer” attached to them in the byline. Writers do not necessarily need to submit work on a weekly basis, either. While everyone is certainly encouraged to, there’s no set rule about how often anyone has to write. 


The March 26, 2013 Edition of The Chronicle


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