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Wait…We Have to Go Home? – Making the Most of College Spring Break

Congratulations, Saint Rose students! We’ve [almost] made it to Spring Break. For some, this is a sigh of relief knowing that we have reached the point in the semester to earn a week of no classes, no commitments, and hopefully nothing but sleep and Netflix. For others, like myself my first year, spring break is a time where you’re forced to leave all of your college friends for a week, and go back to your hometown with your parents and hope they don’t force you to spend all of your free time with them.

Through a weird series of events, I unexpectedly was able to snag an open spot to return to New Orleans, LA on an Alternative Spring Break trip, and go back for another week of volunteering! So although I won’t have much time to put my feet up and watch Law & Order: SVU, I know for a fact that my spring break will be one to remember. But for you, lovely reader, I have compiled a list of things for you to do to hopefully make your spring break one to remember!


My friend Diana and I before we left for spring break our first year. Clearly being away from each other was going to be hard.

  1. Catch up on your sleep! Grant yourself at least one day to not be ashamed to go to bed before 10 pm, and sleep until noon. Our busy college student bodies need some time to re-charge, so let this be yours! Turn off your phone, save that homework that’s due at the end of break until tomorrow, and go get some shut eye!
  2. Catch up (and get ahead) on some school work! Take a day to go to your hometown library or coffee shop, and plow through the work you might have put off while you were dreaming of your bed at home this week. Even better, look at what assignments are coming up for you when you return to campus, and get them done now! It will be a much needed gift to yourself when you get back in the swing of things after break.
  3. If you don’t think you can make it the full week without your friends from school, bring them home with you! I think the only thing that got me through my spring break my first year was that one of my friends, Erin, came to my house for part of break. I was able to show her my town, my high school, all the fun restaurants around where I live, and it was great to have a more familiar face to spend time with than some of the friends from high school I lost contact with during the year.

Spring Break 2014, showing Erin the true monument of my hometown, the brand new Target.

Now, finish your packing, and get ready for a week off, because you most definitely deserve it! And if you have any cool ideas for others during spring break, leave them in the comments below!

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