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Wake Up in the Morning Feelin’ Like a Zombie

Waking up for 7:30 high school classes never seemed like that big of a deal, but waking up for 8:00am college classes feels like the end of the world. With this being said, I have forced myself to take those 8am courses and even one 7:30am course to try and get ahead of my required course work.

Setting these the night before makes me more sad than it should.

Setting these the night before makes me more sad than it should.

After semesters of prying myself out of bed and walking to class like a zombie, I must say that my plan has worked. Yes, waking up anytime before noon can be a struggle for most college students, but in the long run it has made my life way easier and opened up the rest of my day. This is because after attending my morning classes, I was normally out by 11am and could then schedule the rest of my day to end by 4. This is a big deal since I am heavily involved on campus but also require time to just hangout with my friends and enjoy some down time.

Most importantly though is the fact that if you bite the 8am bullet and take courses that you need, you are more apt to finish your courses ahead of schedule. I am by no means an adviser for the college but simply put if you take your required class at that early slot instead of waiting to see if they are offered another semester at a different time, you are ahead of the game. Although it is painful waking up that early, I am so thankful that I put myself through 7:30 mornings as now I only have one more class to take next semester. This is unlike some of my friends who hoped for a nice mid-afternoon time slot and now have a bunch of courses to take next semester.

In college, difficult decisions need to be made and more often than not they involve sleep– at the end of the day I am happy that I have chosen credits over sleeping, in for although next year is my senior year it is slated to be my most relaxing. The courses for next semester just came out so follow the link and give those early classes a second look.

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