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Wanderlust: (n) A strong desire to travel.

Ciao Everyone!

The view from the highest point in Florence

The view from the highest point in Florence

I hope the semester is going well. I’m about three weeks into my classes and couldn’t be more excited to share my progress with you! This experience has been incredibly eye opening. Living in a new culture, learning a new language, and becoming accustomed to the subtle differences between Italy and America has already impacted me. The culture in Italy is so lively and passionate. People here take their time, enjoy their coffee, and walk at a soft stroll. On the other hand, as a true-blooded New Yorker, I zoom from place to place, usually have my coffee to go, and speak at a mile a minute. These are the tiny nuances that have already taught me so much about myself.

My walk to class every morning!

Living abroad has given me insight on who I am as a person, where I want to go from here, and how I can be strive to be a better man every day. This has already been the time of my life. Strangers quickly become close friends as time passes and you begin to travel the world together. You experience all new things and explore unchartered territory. I am becoming more open minded and flexible in the ways I think and act. I am so blessed to have so much of my journey left in store. I would highly recommend and encourage any student to take the leap out of their comfort zone and study abroad. Now is the time! The world is at your fingertips! Please, take advantage of this opportunity!

New friends!

Friends new and old! Maggie, Lauren, Alex, and Kaitlin!

Enjoy the semester everyone! Stay warm! I find myself missing Saint Rose often. There’s an incredibly special feeling on our campus. I am grateful for this opportunity and blessed to have such an awesome place to come home to! Stay tuned for more adventures!

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