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Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Ashley Jalease Young and I am a senior at The College of Saint Rose studying sociology and writing. I am from Brooklyn, N.Y. The number one question that most people ask after they find out that I am a senior is,“What’s next?”  Time after time, I respond with something along the lines of, “I honestly do not know” or, “We will see…” I feel like I’m supposed to have a definite answer to their hopeful inquiries, but I just do not.

Duh duh duh!

Sometimes my mind goes on a rampage wondering why I seem to be the only one still undecided. I mean, come on! All of my friends have an idea of what their “dream job” is and I’m just… I’m just here. While I’m here I work hard, get excellent grades, and stay involved on campus. But what about after graduation?

Once my heart rate slows down and I  begin to breathe normally, I respond to my ever- frazzled mind with a much needed reality check. First, I remind myself that no matter how it seems other people have doubts and uncertainties just like me. Life is not a one shot deal, especially not for my generation. Most people do not stay in one position or field for their entire career. I find comfort in knowing that I still have time.

The problem is not that I have few interests. The real problem is that I have so many! My first passion is singing. I love to sing and listening other people sing. This year, I joined the Golden Notes, which is the mixed a cappella group at Saint Rose. I love to dance. Being a member of the ALANA steppers gives me the opportunity to mix dance and stepping for performances. I also enjoy writing, but maybe you already knew that (hint hint: this blog). Photography is a relatively new interest, but the best thing about something new is the fervor that comes with it.

As I complete my senior year, I am on a mission to do the things that genuinely make me happy. I’ve decided to surround myself with people and things that bring me joy. Since it is my last year as an undergraduate student, I plan to leave feeling fulfilled.

I wonder if any other seniors feel as anxious as I tend to feel? Are your worries the same as mine? Are they different?

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