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Welcome to the Show

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the new class of 2016!  First of all, I hope move-in day went well for you.  It was ten years ago that I stared at Brubacher Hall and  contemplated how I would fare living in a hall with thirty other guys.  After I stopped freaking out, I gathered my things and set up my room.  Little did I know that the experiences and friendships I made during that first year at St. Rose would be the framework for the rest of my time there.  The people I met that first year are still my friends today.  What I started at Saint Rose allowed me to become the person that I am today.

With this post, I’d like to offer a few words of advice.  I’ll stick to Saint Rose related things.  You’re on your own with navigating the CDTA routes and finding the best pizza to eat at 2am.  Figuring out all the logistics is a fun part of being a Freshmen.  Which leads me to my first piece of advice…

1. This is the start of something NEW. Embrace it.
The best part of being a Freshmen?  A new beginning.  How others defined you or how you defined yourself does not have to apply anymore.  You should  greet this concept with open arms and not be afraid to try things that you may not have tried before.  This doesn’t just apply to personal relationships and interests; it also applies to academics.  Do you like Photography?  Want to try a new language?  Go ahead!   Allow yourself to be comfortable with being different.

2. Join a club or two.
Seems simple enough but I see many students regret that they didn’t get involved when they were Freshmen.  This is the time to learn from upperclassmen about how to be an active member of an organization.  Learn about what Saint Rose has to offer and if you don’t see it?  Make your own club. However, just remember one thing related to this…

3. Don’t do TOO much that you end up not enjoying your extra-curricular activities.
This is tough to remember.  Especially since I just told you above to join clubs.  Just don’t over-do it by joining six clubs that you can’t possibly invest enough time into to really feel like you’re contributing.  If something isn’t working out, go ahead and join something new.  Just make sure that what you do is something that makes you feel that you truly participated and made a difference.

4. Do something out of the ordinary.
Did you know that in addition to being a Saint Rose Blogger I am also Mr. St. Rose 2006?  I didn’t think I’d ever win (let alone participate) in a male-beauty pageant.  But I did.  And I did stand up comedy there in 2002 when I competed for the first time and I never regret my decision to make an absolute fool out of myself.  However, there are some awkward photos floating around there of me from those competitions.  Thank God we couldn’t afford digital cameras back then.

5. Be friendly to people.
Seems simple enough but you’d be amazed at how rarely people commit to it.  This expands beyond your residence hall.  This includes your custodial staff, Facilities employees, Food Service employees, Administrators and anyone else at Saint Rose that helps you along the way.  They’ll remember that and it helps you to understand how much work goes into making Saint Rose run.

6. Go to SA and RA events.
You know that fun event you went to?  Or that free food you eat in your Residence Hall?  Chances are, a fellow student at Saint Rose put that together for you.  Be supportive!  That doesn’t mean you have to attend everything, but you should make the effort to recognize all of their hard work.

I loved my time at Saint Rose. I have enough memories and friendships from Saint Rose to last a life time.  I’m excited for all of you new students to start your journey and look forward to hearing about your successes.



Current students share a few words of advice of their own to the newest class-



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