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We’re Outta Here: SA Elections

For the past two years I have served as the Director of Communications for The College of Saint Rose Student Association. Basically that is a fancy title to say that I was elected to Tweet, Facebook, and plan events for clubs and students on campus.

Matt, myself, and Lauren at one of our club's events- it was a 90's themed fashion show.

Matt, myself, and Lauren at one of our club’s events- it was a 90’s themed fashion show.

My time on the board has been absolutely amazing because I got to do things that I love and meet people that would become some of my best friends. My group of six has seen some board switch ups, shed some tears, and yelled at each other during high tension meetings but honestly I would not have it any other way. We are passionate about what we do and always looking for the next adventure. This is evident in the hi-jinx that we cause either running free around Chicago for a conference, eating Chicken Joes on the office floor after a meeting, or playing wiffle-ball with things we find laying around our desks… we are still trying to figure out who broke the window last year.

As the saying goes, however, every good thing must come to end.Our board has done some pretty cool things like plan trips to Flight trampoline park, create an app for phones, and bringing food trucks to campus but now it is time to welcome a new group of students to the helm.

Look for this voting box!

Look for this voting box!

Student Association elections kick off today (3/30) and run until Wednesday (4/1). Voting for student government is a big deal because those that are elected are the students that will have a lot of say in what is happening at Saint Rose and serve as a voice for the students. In addition to helping to oversee about 40 clubs on campus, elected officers also plan events and look to implement new ideas across our campus. To vote for the 2015-2016 SA E-Board go to Blackboard and look for the Golden Knight on the left hand side.

As for my board? Well, we are outta here.

What do you think?

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