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Bringing It Home – The Saint Rose Blog

We’re two weeks in!

Why hello, Saint Rose blogging community!

It’s been a quick two weeks, with lots of intro posts and some greater insight into what is going on at The College of Saint Rose. You’ve met lots of students, some staff, and I’m hoping very soon you can meet some faculty on here. We’re also aware of some of the things that we are lacking so far. Every year a new class graduates and our list of alumni grows. We need some alumni voices on here! We’d like to start a rotating segment where you can meet or reconnect with a Saint Rose grad- see what they’re doing now, where they are, etc. If any readers are interested in doing this please feel free to e-mail me,

Of course, Saint Rose, while a community of its own, is very much part of the Albany community. We’re looking to connect more with local happenings and suggest cool places nearby to visit. Maybe someone knows an AWESOME place to grab a coffee in the area or perhaps someone interesting is going to be at the Palace Theatre. Great sites like All Over Albany will bring you this info (mmmm Tournament of Pizza!), but we’re going to throw in some info where we can.

We’ve just begun and we have a long way to go, but we’re getting there! What would you like to see on here? How can we improve?

PS- Have you seen our flash mob video?

What do you think?

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