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What to do……

Imagine this: you’re sitting in your room, you finished all your homework, you’re caught up in all your assignments and just finished whatever show you were watching on Netflix. What do you do now? Well there are plenty of options. Now you’re saying, “But I’m broke and can’t afford anything fun!” Well I have news for you. There are plenty of FREE or CHEAP activities to do in Albany. Plenty.

A few weekends ago, my friends and I went ice skating at the Empire State Plaza, and on Fridays rentals are free. We walked over to the New York State Museum (which again, free). We may have gone on the carousel at least three times, but in addition to the carousel there was plenty to look at.

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There are museums and art exhibits. You can tour The Capitol (I haven’t done that since our fourth grade field trip but will love to go again).  You can check out’s Free Events list for a variety of free things to go do and see.

Bottom line: don’t waste your days sitting in your room thinking there is nothing fun AND affordable to do, because there is.

“Work a little less, play a little more, that’s what this day is for” ~ Florida Georgia Line
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Anne Marie

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