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What’s It Like To Student Teach… eh?

Student teaching has been a phenomenal experience so far. As I previously mentioned, I am currently in my second placement. Many ask what it’s like and most assume that I just go into a classroom and  do lessons from the book and teach kids all day. Well that’s half true, I do teach kids all day. We’re in the 21st century; reading from textbooks is so 1995!

Mr. Peo receives a gift from a student. Photo by: Brendan Peo

Each day, I wake up and carpool with my friend to Veeder Elementary School. I am the student teacher for 9 third graders who receive resource room services. Each day, I am pulling students for individualized lessons or pushing into the third grade classrooms for extra support for students. It’s a crazy schedule, but I enjoy every minute of it! Standing up infront of a classroom and lecturing is no longer the way we teach students. Our school has smartboards, which allows for digital learning by means of an interactive whiteboard. I’ve also worked in classrooms that make a conscious effort to have students work collaboratively in groups. This allows for student driven learning, all ideas that link to the new Common Core Standards, which all schools are to follow next year!! Teaching has certainly evolved from the days of lectures and notes on a chalkboard, that’s for sure!

Knowing you are making a difference, especially for students who need that extra support, makes it all worthwhile. It’s what drives my motivation to teach and it drives me to get up every morning at 7:00am!!

What do you think?

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