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Where to Find Student Support Services in College


Sometimes College-life sneaks up on you. One minute, you’re going to class, making new friends, joining the club baseball team, catching up on laundry, and then the next minute, you’re falling behind on coursework or feeling lonely. It happens.

At Saint Rose, there’s a team of people here whose job it is to get you back on track and help you succeed.

In addition to the one-on-one support you’ll receive from your professors, the staff at the Academic Success Center, Residence Life, Counseling Center, and Spiritual Life will provide you with the resources needed to gain confidence and excel at college.


Here’s where to go for support and mentorship:

The Academic Success Center: Located on the second floor of Saint Joseph Hall, the Academic Success Center will provide you with learning support based on your individual need.  “Our goal is to not only help students become independent and confident learners but also to increase their academic success and help them reach their ultimate goal of graduation.”

Services provided at the Saint Rose Academic Success Center include:

Residence Life: The mission of the Office of Residence Life is to help you grow as an independent student and meet new people who challenge and support your beliefs. If you need help navigating your new-found independence or are facing difficulty in your living situation, reach out to the staff in Residence Life.

ALANA Is Leadership Mentorship Program: This is a mentorship program under the Office of Intercultural Leadership, which assists new students with their transition to The College of Saint Rose. Participants will be provided with an on-going orientation of all campus resources during their first year to increase academic and social success. “The Office of Intercultural Leadership is committed to enhancing the student experience for underrepresented populations while promoting a campus-wide understanding of cultural diversity.”

Spiritual Life: The Office of Spiritual Life is for people of all beliefs and backgrounds. The office provides a series of programs that focus on helping students grow spiritually and personally, including:

  • Praying, meditating and practicing yoga
  • Exploring faith and the “big questions”
  • Participating in community service and pursuing social justice
  • Hearing wisdom from distinguished scholars in interfaith lectures
  • Serving others on service trips to the United Nations, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, San Francisco, and Guatemala
  • Engaging in retreats, the weekly College Mass, and other social and faith-based activities

The Counseling Center: If you’re feeling alone, overwhelmed, anxious, or just want someone to talk to, you can find help and guidance at the Counseling Center. Their mission is to, “promote personal psychological health and wellness and remove obstacles to students academic success.” Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re in need.

FLIGHT: FLIGHT is a mentorship program for first-generation students as a component of a campus-wide initiative called The Saint Rose Circle of Success. Every FLIGHT student is partnered with a guide who is interested and invested in your success. Guides are faculty, administrators, and staff members of the College, many of whom were or are currently first-generation students themselves. “Their role is to assist you in making a successful academic and personal adjustment to the College, acclimating to the campus community, and providing you with opportunities to develop meaningful connections to College employees who can help you succeed through your first year.”

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