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“You know you’re from…” ~Saint Rose style~

The Times Union recently posted “You know you’re from the Capital Region if…” with 50 pictures and captions connecting to the area. I have grown up and lived in the Capital Region for the majority of my life, here are some of my personal favorites-

  • “#6. You didn’t need a McDonald’s commercial to tell you there is no Exit 3.”  One time someone gave me directions to get off exit 3 on 87 but meant 787. This was before I realized there was no exit 3…it was a very confusing drive (also there is more than one exit 3 off of 787…so clearly not great directions).
  • “#8. You’ve gone to a baseball game primarily for the fireworks.”   Woot Valleycats! But WOOT WOOT fireworks!!
  • “#9. You miss the Catskill Game Farm.” *sigh* childhood memories
  • “#13. You know Lark Street and Delaware Ave are the same roads.”   Seriously, what is up with that?
  • “#25. You have taken out-of-town guests apple picking.”  Guilty of this MANY times.
  • “#46. You’ve eaten cake at the movies.”  <3 the Spectrum!

I enjoyed going through the pics online and recommend that you check them out. While browsing through I thought, hey- we could do this for Saint Rose. So, let’s do it! By “from” in our instance we mean more “went to” or “are going to” Saint Rose, but, you get the point. I’ll give a few ideas myself, but I’m looking for your feedback here!

How do YOU know you're from Saint Rose?

You know you’re from Saint Rose if…

  • You know what “EAC, “Bru,” “CCIM,” or “PDR” means.
  • You use “That’s the Saint Rose difference” in every day conversation.
  • You have no idea what a “lecture hall” is and can’t imagine a class with 100 people.
  • You know who Myles Clendenin is.

Your turn! What have you got? How do you know you’re from Saint Rose?

  3 comments for ““You know you’re from…” ~Saint Rose style~

  1. Valerie Granuzzo
    April 18, 2012 at 12:23 PM

    Love this Kayla! I have lots of memories (and some awesome home movies circa 1989) at the Catskill Game Farm. *sigh*

    Here’s my suggestions for the ‘You Know You’re From Saint Rose” List (I graduated undergrad in 2009 so some of this may not apply as much now)…
    – You know you’re from St. Rose when you meet with professors in what looks like a renovated house rather than an office building.
    – You know you’re from St. Rose when on nice days you meet up with friends on the lawn rather than the quad (‘lawn’ always seemd much more appropriate)
    – You know you’re from St. Rose when you can talk about having “I Love” for dinner and people know what you’re referring to (AND agree that of all the pizza places within a half mile I Love is the only one to be at)
    – You know you’re from St. Rose when on more than one occasion you’ve been referred to as a ‘Rosebud.’

  2. April 19, 2012 at 9:19 AM

    Love this, and agree with all of Valerie’s (probably because we were here during the same time)!

    – You know you’re from St. Rose when you can wake up 4 minutes before class and still make it on time.
    -You know you’re from St. Rose when most of your professors not only allow you to call them by there first name but they get mad if you don’t. “PC” ring a bell?
    – You know you’re from St. Rose when you leave for a year and come back to at least 1 completely new building.
    -You know you’re from St. Rose when on a nice day your professor will actually let class be held outside after you ask them…beg them…
    – You know you’re from St. Rose when after telling someone you graduated from St. Rose they say “That’s great what do you want to teach?”
    Going off of that last one and this one’s from my experience working at St. Rose:
    -You know you’re from St. Rose when high school students come up to you and say “oh my English (math, science, history, etc.) teacher went there!”

  3. Kimberley Hansen
    April 21, 2012 at 5:02 PM

    Love this!
    You know your from Saint Rose if…
    Madison’s pizza is just around the corner
    You know who Tony is!
    When the sun is out expect frisbee and volleyball on the green
    You know basically everyone in your major department by the end of your second year

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