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Bringing It Home – The Saint Rose Blog

You really haven’t changed…

When I decided to go to Saint Rose I wasn’t the only one from my high school that decided to come here. My friends Ian and Chrissie knew me before this big “college change” happened and just about every time that I find time to catch up with one of them they never neglect to tell me that I haven’t changed a bit. They assure me that it’s a good thing and that I guess is true. I was already pretty happy with the person I was becoming after high school and to know that I didn’t have to completely remodel myself beyond recognition in order to find my swing of things here at Saint Rose confirms why I chose this school.

Freshman High School picture

Sure I’ve gotten more independent and a lot more thrifty but what changes that I do see in myself are actually me becoming more in sync with the person I was beginning to become my senior year in high school. I’m getting to the core of who I am here and honestly I’ve seen my friends who went to different schools and I don’t recognize them. Their face is the same but the person I knew seems to be fading and what’s even sadder is that it seems as if its fading into something I would never have given a chance if I had met them this way. They also seem very taken back by the fact that I am just an older and a “more me” version of the person they knew. As if they expected something else to return to them, what’s worse is it’s as if they never knew me at all.

They’ve forgotten what made me unique.

I guess that’s the Saint Rose difference for me, I am me and here I don’t have to change into anything different, just make myself the best version I can be.

What do you think?

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