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5 Strategies to prepare for finals

It’s official. Finals are headed this way. There’s so much to learn, remember, and organize. Don’t worry, we have your back with five solid study tips to help reduce stress and boost that GPA!

1. Organize a group study session, socially distanced of course. Learning from others is a great way to get a fresh take on the material. Use the Navigate App to find an existing group or connect with other students looking to start a new one. Ask three to five classmates to join you and plan on meeting for one to three hours each session. The Neil Hellman Library, Starbucks Cafe, or a dorm are all great meeting locations. Remind everyone to come prepared and stay focused. (Snacks and caffeine help!)

2. Create a study game plan and stick to it. Cramming an entire semester’s worth of material in one night is unrealistic, not to mention exhausting. Evaluate all of your exams and projects, and consider which ones will be the most difficult and plan accordingly. Outline how and when you will review each subject, or write that final paper, so you can use your time efficiently. Create reminders and to-do lists in your Navigate App and sync them with your calendar.

3. Reorganize your notes. Evaluate your notes and prioritize according to what’s most important, major concepts, formulas, dates, and definitions. Not sure what’s most important? Ask your professor. That’s why instructors have office hours. You may also get a few helpful hints about what to study or what to include in your final project. Don’t forget to use a highlighter or two. You can also transfer your notes to flashcards (or use a Flashcard App) for last-minute reviews.

4. Ask a study buddy to quiz you. Creating questions helps to familiarize you with the material and prepare you for the type of exam (multiple-choice, essay, etc.). Grab a set of index cards from the bookstore and create a flash-card game to quiz yourself. Or, have a friend proofread your final paper or provide constructive feedback on your presentation. You’ll thank them later when your grades come in.

5. Reward yourself. Preparing for finals can get tedious, so it’s important to make the process fun. Motivate yourself with a piece of chocolate or your favorite Starbucks latte for every hour of studying or writing. Take breaks, go for a walk, or watch TV for a bit. It’s important to give your mind some downtime so you can come back refreshed. It’s amazing what a change of scenery can do for your concentration and motivation.

Do yourself a big favor and start early. It’s important to plan ahead and structure your time! Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Tutors are available on-campus via the Navigation App. And don’t forget to utilize the College’s Writing Center. Finally, get plenty of rest and eat well (yup, Mom was right about that). You’ll thank yourself for putting in the effort when those top grades come rolling in.

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