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Another one of those #(hashtag)# things.

If you follow us (and by “us” I mean Saint Rose accounts) on social media you may have noticed a recent push for #ichosestrose reasons. We’ve been asking current students and alumni why they chose to earn their degrees at The College of Saint Rose.

Of course, the timing for this is no coincidence or secret, the May 1 admissions deadline is fast approaching and we are working hard to recruit the Saint Rose Class of 2019. At this point prospective students (Hi, if you’re reading) have received brochures, visited the website, and maybe even toured campus. Those of us that have experienced Saint Rose know it’s a special place. We know we have a college community conveniently settled in New York’s Capital. We know we have small class sizes and that professors know their students by name. But to an outsider looking in, that’s all marketing speak (despite those things being true, I promise). That’s why we’ve put the call out there and have been asking current students and alumni to tell us what made Saint Rose special for them. We’ve really enjoyed seeing the responses.

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Above is just a sampling of what we’ve received, you can read more here and here. If you’ve got your own to contribute, please comment or join our social media conversations. We’d love sharing your #ichosestrose reasons with others making that difficult decision of where to spend their next four years.

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