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Coming Together

So with Sandy making things a little hectic what stands out to me most is not the storm, it’s the people coming together. Students making their phone calls home, helping one another carry supplies into dorms, lending a hand to one another to pack emergency bags and taking the walk with friends to stores to acquire necessities.

I myself spent Monday after 10:30 a.m. doing laundry and making arrangements for when the storm would hit. It’s easy to get wrapped up in one’s own business when things get wild but when it slows down just enough, remember to reach out.

For me, it was calling my mom. She’s in Florida and I’m all the way over here in New York, and, I’m the first kid to go off to college, so naturally she worries. It’s really just as simple as letting someone you love hear your voice, just hearing me and knowing I was okay was all that was needed to put her at ease.

For my friends, it was as basic as spending the day together to prepare and reassuring one another. Most students here were impacted by Irene and it was nice to see the Saint Rose community bond together to brace for Sandy.

But it’s not just reassuring those we love, sometimes it’s reassuring ourselves. A lot of students here at Saint Rose have family down state, I know I do. It was just really nice to hear them over the phone, even though their conditions were not ideal, it was comforting to know they were safe and had come together.

That’s the key, with all of our computers and cell phones and mobile devices- it’s now easier than ever to come together in our times of need. To hear a caring voice or to see a comforting smile is the best thing in the world.

Leave me a comment explaining a time or a way someone reached out to you and made things better. Saint Rose students should always remember that there are places to go and seek comfort on campus should you feel the need (see Counseling Center info below). As always I wish all my readers the best and the same to all your friends and families.

The College of Saint Rose Counseling Center

947 Madison Ave

(518) 454-5200

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