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Exploring more of the city!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  The weather was great down here; perfect for walking around and exploring the city.  Friday night, Megan and Chris met me in Georgetown after work.  While I was waiting for them to get there, I spent some time by the water.  Below is a pic. of my favorite fountains in the city (the Potomac is in the background).

Fountains in Georgetown

Saturday, Megan and I decided to we wanted to see a new part of the city so we walked to Dupont.  We wandered around for three hours admiring all of the beautiful buildings and stopping whenever we passed a store that looked interesting.  It was nice to be able to explore without being pressed for time.  We found this great secondhand bookstore that had a sidewalk sale.  Also, we got to see a lot of the embassies on Embassy Row.

Fountain in Dupont

Indonesian Embassy

Saturday night, we met up with CJ and walked to Georgetown for dinner.  It was tough getting CJ to Georgetown because he goes to Syracuse University!  I’m pretty sure he had a fun time though 🙂 We walked by the Legal Services Corporation on the way to dinner so I could show them both where I work.  After dinner, it was still so nice out that we decided to walk to Virginia!  The Francis Scott Key Bridge is a lot longer that I thought, but the view was totally worth the walk!

View from the Key Bridge

Walking back from Virginia

Sunday was pretty relaxing.  There was a big group of us that went out to brunch.  Afterwards, Megan and I went to Trader Joe’s; I’m excited because the store is supposed to be coming into Albany soon!  I decided to take advantage of the awesome weather and walked down to Georgetown where I met up with friends to go to the movies.  Overall, an awesome weekend!  I can’t believe how fast it went though.  Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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