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Finals Week… Ahh!

When I think of finals week, I think of long nights staring at a computer screen and textbooks attempting to pay attention to the words. I think of how grateful I am for extended library hours at the Neil, and most of all, I think of how much sleep I am going to be losing because of a test. It’s disgusting …

Unfortunately, finals week is something that hits everyone hard. You spend all semester preparing for it, and yet it still manages to catch you by surprise and come out of absolutely nowhere.

Yesterday during one of my classes (best student ever, I swear…) I made a study schedule to follow by. So far, I’m two hours behind schedule today! I’d say it’s working pretty well! Adding on to this stress is that I only have 6 more meals left at the dining hall. I added the times I should eat in there, and have come to the sad conclusion that I need to make the mac and cheese my Aunt bought me (the 2 boxes I have left) last as long as possible. Hopefully, I won’t be sick of it by the end of the semester.. which is exactly 6 DAYS AWAY! Is anyone else excited? I’m thrilled!

This semester has been my worst. Hands down. I have struggled in almost every class, and have had some very stressful weeks… Regardless, some good things have come out of this semester, and I’d like to share some with you (and thank some people for being amazing).

1. I have learned to manage my time better (though I’m still not there.. It’s a work in progress)
2. I GOT INTO CENTENNIAL HALL! 😀 Room 309, yessir.
3. My friends (both here and at home) and boyfriend are the bomb diggity. I love their unique personalities and cannot thank them enough for dealing with my more stressed out times this year. <3
4. No.More.Research.Methods. (as of TODAY!)
5. The guy at Ruby knows my name. Yes. Success.

During this finals week, think of all the things you are proud of. The first one is a major thing for me. Procrastination is my thing, and it feels good to somewhat overcome it. This semester, I have tried to become a better me. Although the roads been tough, I’m slowly, but ever so surely, getting there.

Is there anything your proud of this semester? Because there should be! Congrats on another year (of your first, or your last!) of College. You did it! Be proud, it’s definitely  not easy.

Good luck on all of your finals guys and gals! You got this!


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