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Golden Knight Spotlight: Sammi Atchinson

Golden Knight Spotlight is a student-athlete profile series run by Alexander Lawrence ’18 in coordination with Golden Knights Athletics staff. 

Sammi (left) and her former teammate Katie Shannon (right)

Sammi (left) and her former teammate Katie Shannon (right)

Sammi Atchinson #4

Sport: Volleyball (Libero)
Hometown: Niskayuna, NY
Class Year: 2017
Major: Adolescent Math Education
Favorite study spot:
Living room of my apartment. We have a chair that has a nice view of downtown Albany.
Favorite food: Cheese-Tortellini with vodka sauce.
One interesting fact about yourself: Between school, volleyball, math club, tutoring, and SEB chair (Student Events Board), I also coach volleyball at a local club for 7-12 year-olds.


What set SR apart from other schools: “My grandmother, mother and father all graduated from here. Saint Rose was close to home for me.”

Why SR Volleyball: 
“I was recruited by Brian Goodale and John Leighton. I went to a summer camp called “Spike Now” and Brian was the coach there. When I came for my overnight visit I fell in love with the team. I liked the coaching staff and felt like I’d fit in.”


Most memorable moment or game: “My sophomore year when we made it to the NCAA tournament. It was the first time since 2004 that a team made it. There was a massive text among the group saying “we got selected” and everyone was so excited.”

How you got involved: 
“I first started playing in 8th grade. I tried out and I ended up making the junior varsity team. I also played basketball and softball. My dad did men’s volleyball, my mom was a cheerleader, and my sister does volleyball now.”


Do you have a saying or motto you live by: “I believe things will fall into place the way they are supposed to be. Everything happens for a reason. Even if things seem crazy or confusing, you’ll eventually be where you’re supposed to be.”


Where you draw your inspiration from: “My family. They’ve always been around for every game. I know my family will support me and help me when things are wrong.”


How do you prepare before a game: “I like to have a good meal before the game and listen to music.”


What are you looking to accomplish this year: “Team goal is for us to make it to NCAAs this year and make it past the first round.”


Sammi (#3) with her sister (Katie) and parents (Will and Lisa) 

Sammi (#3) with her sister (Katie) and parents (Will and Lisa)

My Comments/ takeaway from the interview: Sammi Atchinson is a fourth-year adolescent math education major at The College of Saint Rose. She does a lot around campus, along with being a student-athlete.“When I first got here I didn’t play a big role. Katie Daniels was the Libero and I learned a lot from her. Now I think we’ve grown a lot and we have a lot of potentials to be the best team in the conference. I’m hitting my peak at the right time. After this year I think the team will have no problem filling my shoes,” Atchinson said. “My team is like my family away from home. We spend time with each other, which helps us build chemistry for games,” Atchinson said about her team. Saint Rose will be losing a key member to their team. During our interview, Sammi was telling me about everything she’s involved in aside from volleyball and it just shows how she’s a very good time manager and she’s what you’d look for in an athlete. She’s very ambitious and has worked hard her entire career to be the best player she can be. She’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime student-athletes that Saint Rose will miss. GOOD LUCK SAINT ROSE VOLLEYBALL!!!


atchison 3

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