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Happy Snow (And Spring Semester)!

I wake up this morning, and what do I find? Snow! That’s right. My favorite thing in the world. I cannot be more happy that it actually snowed this winter. I got to play in it over break, and now I get to watch it fall outside my window (and possibly secretly wish that my class get cancelled, but maybe not…). Everything about snow is wonderful!

My gnomes getting just as excited as I am about the snow! (but really though, I love it!)

As you can see, I started my day off on a very good note, despite the fact that my procrastinator self has let the work for my Winter Immersion Course, Motivation, pile up. Oops. Luckily, my schedule is light today.. Who knows, maybe I planned it that way?… 😀

Saint Rose offers winter immersion courses, which are courses that start during the winter and run about a week into the Spring Semester. The one I’m currently taking ends on January 20th. When I spoke to some people at home about it, they all asked me why it ran into the semester. Honestly, I told them, it’s better that way. I am a busy bee during break, especially the last week of it, and well… for the first week of school, I’m just not. Homework has not piled up yet, although it is starting to quite fast, and I found that I could dedicate a lot more time to my winter class here than at home. I have way too many distractions at my house. My cat, my parents, the television, which is conveniently located in my bedroom, my home friends, my family, among a bunch of other things that are just not conducive to the work environment.

At school, however, no matter how much fun I’m having, at the end of the day I know I need to finish that assignment or write that paper. Personally, I could never be a commuter student. I would get nothing done. My winter course proved that, as I did 2 out of the 20 chapters required while I was home. I just had no motivation to take Motivation.

Winter immersion courses are great, in my opinion. While I complained a lot about the work at home and droned on and on about how I didn’t want to do it, I will be thankful later in the semester. I am taking 18 credits with the winter course. After January 20th, my course load moves down to 15 credits. It’s the smallest course load I’ve had since Freshman Year! I will definitely not take this for granted, as it probably will never happen again. (If you are thinking about taking some kind of immersion course in the future, keep this fact in mind: It will lessen your course load in the following semester.)

Anyway, I am very excited to start this new semester, and I hope you are as well! Welcome back everyone, and good luck! No matter how stressed you get, remember to keep a smile on! Even if you wish it didn’t (me!), college does go fast. It will all be over soon enough 🙂

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