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How to make the best out of your snow day

Whoa, rosebuds! Can you believe we’ve had so many snow days so quickly? We’ve had the best (and worst) luck with the snow this season. Although it is great to be able to stay at home, watch movies, and lounge around all day, the two feet of snow surrounding my house is not so great. I’ve had to climb snow mountains and trek through a snowy tundra just to get to class. I believe sledding to campus would have been much easier. Nonetheless, snow days are awesome in their own ways.



This, ladies and gentlemen, was my porch right after the last snow storm ended

Snow days create a perfect opportunity to get those tedious chores out of the way. I’ve been putting off organizing my closet for the past two weeks (can you blame me?) as well as organizing my weekly planner– so I figured that a snow day would be the perfect day to get those done, among other chores.

Here is a list of things you can do on your next snow day!

1. Homework: I know, I know. No one likes to do homework. I’m pretty sure we can all come up with an infinite amount of things we can do other than our homework, but it is important to get it done after all. Snow days are the perfect days to get all of those small assignments that are due the next week out of the way, or get those big assignments started. Homework finished early = more free time for yourself.

2. Organize: I’m not gonna lie, as much as I want to be fully organized in all aspects of life, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Let’s take my closet for example. I organize it incredibly well and keep it up for about two days, but then it becomes a disaster again. I just can’t help it! Sometimes it is easier to just throw your shoes in your closet after a long day than to put them in the specific spot next to those brown boots and black dressy shoes.

Take your snow day and make it an organizing day. Transfer the next month’s assignments into your planner, sort your handouts and papers from class, or even have them organized by course. A little organizing never hurt anybody.

3. Relax: Maybe you’re already someone who keeps everything organized all of the time and already has started early on their assignments (Huge kudos to you!). Take this time to just kick back and relax. Make some hot cocoa, tea, or coffee, turn on the TV, and relax away!

4.  Hang out with friends. Snow days are the perfect way to catch up with your friends. Pop in a movie or invite them over for a sleepover. It’s a great way to bond!

Here’s to hoping for another snow day!

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