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“I’m an RA because…”

Before the start of every semester, RAs come back to campus early for training. This gives them time to get settled in before all of their residents do, and allows them all to reconnect with each other. Before the start of the spring 2013 semester, we asked the Saint Rose RAs to answer why they do what they do. Here are some of their responses! (It was really hard to narrow these down!!)

“I’m an RA because of my amazing residents.”

“I love Saint Rose, and I want to do anything to help our students be successful!”

“I will always have a family on campus- either residents or co-workers.”

“I’m an RA because I want to make Saint Rose the best it can be for everyone.”

“I want to help others on all levels.”

“I’m an RA because it is part of who I am.”

“I’m an RA because I care.”

“I want to give current and future students as good of an experience at The College of Saint Rose as I have had.”

“I wanted to give myself a push to grow as a person.”

“I’m an RA because I don’t think anyone should go at this college experience alone.”

“I enjoy being a part of a community of leaders. I also love helping others around me.”

“I want to aid in building the community/family aspect that makes Saint Rose so unique.”

“I’m an RA because I want to guide!!!!”

“I love being able to meet people that I may not have met otherwise. Being able to bond with my residents truly makes me happy.”

“I’m an RA because my first RA was fantastic and I like to be a support for people when possible.”

“I wanted to create a home away from home for my residents. It’s an honor to be working with them during such an impactful time in their lives.”

“I’m an RA because I want to grow as a person & help others do the same.”

“I’m an RA because it is an opportunity to improve oneself and meet new people.”

“I love the residents, the phenomenal (life-changing) friends I’ve made on my staff, and getting to influence and assist students. I love Saint Rose!”

“I enjoy being there for other people and building a sense of community.”

“I’m an RA because my fellow staff members have become my 2nd family.”

“I want to act as a resource for students on campus.”

“I want to have a positive impact on someone.”

“I like meeting and working with students with different backgrounds and interests.”

“I had a great RA my freshman year and I wanted to give that great experience too.”

“The Res Life office and staff is like a home away from home.”

“I want to help residents the way my RA helped me.”

Spring 2013 Saint Rose RAs!


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