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Q: What Does A Typical College Student’s Desk Look Like

This is it folks. On this desk is everything a college student needs (if you include the Blackberry used to take this picture). We have the essential pile of homework and the notorious loose leaf notebook to acheive greatness.
Then we have the prime college breakfast of champions- Nemo fruit snacks and orange juice on the go! (If that’s not nutritious I truly don’t know what is…)
Also making an appearance is my backpack that I protect with my life and I will admit it is a little crazy looking.

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  1 comment for “Q: What Does A Typical College Student’s Desk Look Like

  1. Jenna
    December 25, 2013 at 8:54 PM

    do you know Kristen Menella? if so say Jenna S one of her assistant teacher students said HI THanks!!!!!!!

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