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Short & Simple: Switching Majors

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So last week I did something a lot of college kids do (and something Erin just posted about)- changed my major. I thought about it for a while unsure of the path I really wanted to spend four years traveling. I had even designed a schedule around my previous major on advisement day.

Really advisement day was the decider for me. I imagined the big picture when it comes to school, what will get me to my ultimate goal, and how much is it going to cost to get there. While designing my schedule I was once again reminded that there were classes in my major that I had no desire to take, I found this out my first day of the intro course.

If the ends don’t justify the means, then switch your major.

I was going to spend years studying procedure, research methods, and writing up both. I hate writing for classes, there is literally (no pun intended) nothing I hate more, I’ve been that way since my first essay. My end goal was a concentration in the major I had chosen, but in the end the major was too broad. It focused on a lot of things, a lot of them not the most interesting to me, and in order to make my way through graduate school I was going to have to continue to focus on these things.

With my new major I have options, I will graduate being able to continue into grad school in the field I want. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if your undergrad major aligns perfectly with your graduate school dream. For me it’s nice knowing that I like the sound of my required courses instead of dreading them, and I’m very sure the majority of the papers I will be writing will be interesting to me. Plus I now have a back up plan, another exciting part of not perfectly aligning your major with your graduate goal. Who knows maybe I’ll even stick with this path all through grad school!

To switch, all it took was weighing my options on both sides and a trip to academic advising. I literally filled out a paper and now I have a new major and advisor. That simple. ‘Nuff said. Done.

Let me know if you faced this decision and how changing your major affected you! Also if you’re wondering I switched from psychology to adolescent history education, my ultimate goal is to be a guidance counselor!

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