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Social Networking Do’s and Don’ts


Social networks are the best way to keep in touch with old friends and keep up with your new ones. We can always expect to see a Facebook status or a tweet about someone’s day, what they had for lunch, or a funny story. Some people complain about schoolwork, others tell us how many seasons of their favorite show they’ve watched in a row on Netflix that night. We see pictures, shared videos, and conversations between friends. Name it and you’ve probably seen it on Facebook or any other social networking site.

Nowadays employers search for any social networking sites that a prospective employee may have, just to see if there is anything they can find that is out of character or wouldn’t represent their business in the correct light.  Content on social media can make or break a person, so here is a list of do’s and don’ts on what to post up on social media.

  1. Do post up pictures with friends, family, and your significant other. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Post up pictures at family events, parties, gatherings, etc.
  2. Don’t post up any illegal activities. I think this one is a no-brainer…
  3. Do post up statuses about the amazing night you had when you went out with your friends– just as long as it is kept PG 13.
  4. Don’t post up a status about the amount of cocktails you had one night or how sick you felt the next morning. The party stories are better left to be said between friends, not your entire social network.
  5. Do post up pictures of yourself. We live in an era where the selfie was invented (and the word is now officially in the dictionary!), and we see it 24/7/365. But don’t post up too many pictures of yourself. It gives off the wrong vibe.
  6. Don’t post up pictures that are too risqué for social media.
  7. Do pay attention to whose friend request you are accepting, who is following you on Twitter, etc.
  8. Don’t share too much information about your personal life.
  9. Do ensure that you understand, and use, privacy settings on all social networks. Nothing is 100% private on the Internet. Always keep that in mind.
  10. Don’t trash talk your current/past employer, professors, other students, etc.
  11. Do pay attention to your language. Using derogatory words and remarks are sure to do nothing but bad things for you in the long run. Anything that has been retweeted, posted, or shared on your social networking sites that are not taken lightly can be held against you.

It is always good to keep a positive light on your social media accounts. You never know who is watching or reading what you are saying on social media. It is an extension of who you are as a person. So be your best and show the world all of the great things you have to offer!

Here are some links to the college’s social media accounts. You can find all sorts of information on there! Be sure to follow them to be updated on what’s going on around campus.

College of Saint Rose Facebook
College of Saint Rose Twitter
College of Saint Rose Instagram

Good luck and happy social networking!

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