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Strose Envy and Peace of Mind

Hello Saint Rose!

I  hope everyone’s semester is off to a smooth start. My Italian adventure is quickly approaching! Brushing up on my Italian lingo, purchasing a selfie stick, and packing is only adding to the suspense! My flight leaves on January 27th. While I am incredibly excited to go, I have been missing Saint Rose these past two weeks. Home is a breath of fresh air and relaxing, but I do miss all of my friends, our campus, and even my coursework (who would have thought).

One man. One Selfie Stick. One Adventure.

One man. One Selfie Stick. One Adventure.

During these refreshingly idle past two weeks, the thought “this is what post-graduation must feel like” has fluttered into my psyche. I urge everyone who is at school now to enjoy the moment! College is speeding by, so please embrace every second of it.

Now, I have a personal favor to ask of you. Yes, you. Reading this post. I would like to introduce you to a very special person on our campus.

Danielle, Pedro, and I in Saratoga.

Danielle, Pedro, and I in Saratoga.

Pedro is a young man with special needs who I spent a lot of time with during the Fall semester. His mother, one of the greatest women alive (she’d give Mother Theresa a run for her money), works in the education office in the Lally School of Education. You may have spotted Pedro and I lounging in Starbucks, reading in the Curriculum Library, or hanging out on the quad. Working with Pedro has been one of the most rewarding, insightful, and life changing experience during my college career.

Sunday night family dinner at Pedro's!

Sunday night family dinner at Pedro’s!

Me and Pedro

Me and Pedro

My euro-adventure means I’m not on campus this semester. I will miss Pedro from the bottom of my heart. If you see him on campus, PLEASE send him a smile or a wave from me. Kind words and greetings from Saint Rose students instantly put him in a great mood. A simple “Hi Pedro!” can change the course of our day for the better. These random acts of kindness would really help to engage him socially and can have a lasting effect on my little friend! Thank you!

Ciao for now!


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